Posted April 11, 2010

I just wanted to thank everyone for all of their support and kind words. Writing a novel has been a dream of mine for what feels to have been a lifetime. But the sense of accomplishment upon finishing the manuscript has quickly given way to the daunting prospects of seeing it through to publication. There's a certain sense of vulnerability that comes with writing a book that I had not anticipated. The warmth with which all my friends and family have welcomed this very personal moment in my life has been overwhelmingly surprising and gratefully appreciated.

The novel talks in parts of moments when people can act in a manner that can only be described as even worthy of God's praise. The graciousness and sincere wishes that all of you have extended to me, falls squarely into that category. It is your kind words that form the lullaby that helps me sleep through the night and I thank you.

Lest I leave you with the impression that the process of writing a book is entirely painful, I wanted to point out one of the nicest aspects of writing a book - an opportunity to re-connect with friends and family I have allowed too many years to pass without seeing. In some ways, the book provides a good excuse to reach out to those friends and family whose memories are firmly entrenched in my heart. I have come to recognize that an excuse was never really necessary.

We've already received an overwhelming response to the Round of Angels promotional campaign. I particularly enjoy reading the messages to the author written on the response cards. The most common request has been for an autographed copy of the book. I'm more than happy to oblige with the request, but in truth, immediately following the promotion, I suspect there will be more autographed copies floating around than non-autographed ones, i.e. I suspect my autograph may, at least initially, detract from the market value of the book.

I hope that all of you enjoy reading the book as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Please feel free to contact me. Most of you already have my number, but you can also contact me at I'm particularly interested in you pointing out the typos in the first edition copies. Don't be dismayed, however, in finding mistakes - I hear the mistakes in the first edition are what make it valuable.

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